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Best Divorce Lawyer In Chandigarh High Court
Best Divorce Lawyer In Chandigarh High Court

Finding a top divorce attorney Chandigarh High Court who can carefully analyze your situation and provide accurate guidance for litigation can be a daunting task for someone unfamiliar with the legal landscape. A skilled divorce lawyer can be a crucial ally in navigating the complexities of matrimonial disputes. Divorce is inherently stressful, and it can be challenging to maintain a positive outlook when facing the end of a marriage. To alleviate this difficult situation, hiring the best divorce lawyer to manage your case efficiently is essential.

When searching for a divorce lawyer, consider factors such as knowledge, experience, and affordability. These are critical in finding the right legal expert for your needs. At  legal eye, a reputable law firm in Chandigarh, we are dedicated to ending your search for a proficient divorce lawyer to handle your matrimonial litigation effectively.

Finding the Right Legal Support for Your Divorce

Look no further than Advocate P.S. Khurana at Legal Eye, one of the most reputable and experienced divorce lawyers in the Chandigarh High Court. Our firm specializes in handling complex divorce cases with utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

Why Choose Advocate P.S. Khurana for Your Divorce Case?

  1. Experienced and Knowledgeable: Advocate P.S. Khurana has years of experience in family law, specifically in divorce and matrimonial cases. His expertise ensures that you receive the best possible legal representation.
  2. Personalized Approach: Every divorce case is unique, and he understands the emotional and legal complexities involved. He offers a personalized approach, ensuring your case is handled with care and precision.
  3. Proven Track Record: With a high success rate in divorce cases, he is known for achieving favorable outcomes for his clients. His meticulous attention to detail and thorough preparation make him a trusted choice for your legal needs.
  4. Comprehensive Legal Services: At Legal Eye, we provide a wide range of services related to divorce, including mutual consent divorce, contested divorce, alimony, child custody, and property disputes. Advocate ensures that every aspect of your case is covered.
  5. Client-Centric Focus: Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities. He is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective legal solutions that meet your specific needs and goals.

Services Offered by Advocate P.S. Khurana at Legal Eye

Why Legal Eye?


Question : Who is Advocate P.S. Khurana?

Answer: Advocate P.S. Khurana is a highly experienced and reputed divorce lawyer practicing at the Chandigarh High Court. With a specialization in family law and matrimonial disputes, he is known for providing expert legal counsel and achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

Question : What types of divorce cases does Advocate P.S. Khurana handle?

Answer: Advocate P.S. Khurana handles a wide range of divorce cases, including mutual consent divorce, contested divorce, annulments, alimony and maintenance disputes, child custody cases, and property division matters.

Question : How can Advocate P.S. Khurana help in a mutual consent divorce?

Answer: In mutual consent divorces, Advocate P.S. Khurana facilitates a smooth and amicable process by guiding both parties through the legal requirements, drafting necessary agreements, and ensuring a quick and conflict-free resolution.

Question : What should I bring to my initial consultation with Advocate P.S. Khurana?

Answer: For your initial consultation, bring any relevant documents such as your marriage certificate, identification proofs, evidence of separation, financial documents, and any prior legal correspondence. This helps Advocate  assess your case effectively.

Question :What is the cost of hiring Advocate P.S. Khurana for a divorce case?

Answer: The cost of hiring Advocate can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the legal services required. He offers competitive fees, and the specifics can be discussed during your initial consultation to provide a transparent and accurate estimate.

Question : How long does it take to finalize a divorce with Advocate P.S. Khurana?

Answer: The duration to finalize a divorce depends on whether it is a mutual consent or contested divorce. Mutual consent divorces typically take 6-8 months, while contested divorces can take longer, depending on court schedules and the complexity of the case.

Question : What are the grounds for contested divorce that Advocate P.S. Khurana can help with?

Answer: He can assist with contested divorces on grounds such as cruelty, adultery, desertion, conversion, mental illness, communicable disease, and other legally recognized reasons for seeking a divorce.

Question : Can Advocate P.S. Khurana help with alimony and child custody issues?

Answer: Yes, Advocate P.S. Khurana is highly skilled in negotiating alimony and child custody arrangements. He ensures that his clients receive fair financial support and custody arrangements that are in the best interests of the children involved.

Question :What is the process for filing for divorce with Advocate P.S. Khurana?

Answer: The process typically involves an initial consultation, followed by the preparation and filing of the divorce petition, attending court hearings, and negotiating terms related to alimony, custody, and property. Advocate guides his clients through each step to ensure a smooth process.

Question : What makes Advocate P.S. Khurana the best choice for a divorce lawyer in Chandigarh High Court?

Answer: He is renowned for his in-depth knowledge of family law, extensive experience in handling complex divorce cases, personalized approach to each client’s needs, and a proven track record of successful case outcomes, making him a top choice for divorce matters in Chandigarh.

Question : Does Advocate P.S. Khurana offer legal services for other family law matters?

Answer: Yes, in addition to divorce cases, Advocate P.S. Khurana provides legal services for other family law matters, including annulments, child custody disputes, maintenance and alimony claims, domestic violence cases, and property settlements.



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